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    ADVANTAGE 3- LIFETIME ACCESS- Once you walk out of the doors of your class, your education will stop. With an online course you will be able to look over and review all of the information you have for a life-time.

    Last week I went back to Shanghai, on business, finding the train was a piece of cake. I actually speak pretty decent Chinese today as a result of many many hours of studying the language. The reason that I am reflecting on this is that just as my abilities to live life here changed, from very finding it hard to finding it easy, very new reasons to stay has come to mind. I wrote that ultimately the reason to
    international school system is to live in China. This is very true. To make the many many hours worth it one needs to find a home here. My home was not so much found to learn mandarin, but because I was learning it.

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    Our western education unfortunately teaches us to do the acceptable, to learn the acceptable and to confirm to the acceptable.
    baccalaureate curriculum , the creativity and the endless questioning of the vibrant child is punished with hands in the air and legs on the chair…

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    In practice, Li Shizhen had seen the achievements and progress that were made by the medical scientists in former generations. However, the point that the learners who study Mandarin in China should know is that he realized the shortcomings and confusion about the medical theories and knowledge. He thought if he wouldn’t correct it, it will cause death when treating patients. He was only twenty when he realized it.

    You have probably have been exposed to Israel by watching the news.
    ib secondary school show wars and violent scenarios, but in reality these are only in several points near the border and it is very quiet and peaceful. The people in Israel are known as the happiest people in the world, very worm and friendly.

    NAFSA – Association of International Educators – will host their Annual Conference and Expo: "Fostering Global Engagement Through
    top private schools in singapore 2015 ," May 24-29.

    If you think demand will continue to drag over the next several decades, it’s probably time to wake up. The world’s growing population alone will ensure that fact.

    When you wake each morning, make a commitment to be the best you in body and mind. No matter what happens you will stay committed with an "I can do it" attitude. If
    first school singapore need to lay out your clothes the night before so you know that your outfit will be one that you will feel great in, versus rummaging through tight clothes, do that. The morning sets the stage, so set the stage with a commitment to honor your body.

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